D64-Acoustic Wooden Panel


General Features

Surface CoatingLaminate, Polished Wood Veneer Lacquered
Thickness (mm) 

18 (Please contact us for other materials and thicknesses)

Approximate Weight (kg/m²)
Sizes (cm) 68×138, 60×60, 32×278 (Please contact us for special sizes)

Acoustic Features

Channel Spacing (mm)
Hole Diameter (mm)1
Number of Holes (m2 /Units)64000 Front Side, 8000 Back Side
Hole Spacing (mm)4×4 Front Side, 16×8 Back Side
Perforation Rate (%)

NRC : 0,83

Frequency (Hz)50638010012516020025031540050063080010001250160020002500315040005000
Sound Absorption Coefficient0,290,240,290,60,530,740,951,051,021,020,970,930,90,820,680,560,490,440,40,370,33

Acoustic Wood Panels​​​

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